Top Strategies For Building Own Computer

Planning the body: If you have a keyboard, mouse and monitor or LCD and you need to build you have new PC, First you need to made the decision, for which purpose you need to build you PC, like gaming, documentation, graphics designing, or other use. First made the decision your financial allowance and purpose. Now I’ve presuming that you want to build gaming pc. You’ll need Mother board, Processor, RAM, Chassis Power, Hard disk drive (Hard Drive), Optical Drive and Graphics Card. We’ll discussed these topics individually.

Processor: Choose from Apple & AMD. In Asia Apple is most widely used, because its support Asian climate, should you build PC for gaming of 2009 and 2010 games, you’ll need a minimum of core i3 or core i5, core i5 750 is better processor, core i5 750 has 8mb cashe and 1333 Mhz bus speed. For those who have less budget use Core i3-540 Processor

you may also change your PC to Apple Core i7 Processors.

Motherboard (MB): There’s two well-known brands in motherboard they are ASUS and Apple, Apple is much more reliable than ASUS, but performance wise ASUS is much more much better than Apple, attempt to chose ATX form factor motherboard, also check comparability of board, if you wish to use SLI than chose dual PCIe slot board. I suggest Apple H55HC and ASUS P7H55D-M PRO, it’s good board as well as on very reasonable cost. Both board are support as much as Apple Core i7 Processors.

Memory (RAM): Attempt to chose dual funnel memory, Corsair XMS3 is better memory to faster your computer, for those who have less budget use normal value RAM. If you are using ASUS you are able to over clock your memory..

Situation & Power: Antec and Cooler Master are great brand is chassis, I suggest you Elite CM370 is better economical casing, you may also use CM690 is better choice. For PSU calculate your all peripherals power consumption than chose power. Within my thinking 420W supply is the best for above configuration. For those who have good budget use branded supply like Cooler Master, Antec and Corsair.